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“Light skinned” college student writes story to show that all Native peoples share in the sorrow of ignorance

(Editor’s Note: In the Spring 2014 semester, Haskell Indian Nations University placed emphasis on anti-bullying campaigns to help curb tensions between full blood Natives and mixed bloods. Here, a student shares his story with Wellbound Storytellers. Charlie Perry is a freshman studying media communications at Haskell.  He is a writer for the Haskell Indian Leader […]


Breastfeeding is food sovereignty for Native communities

Story courtesy of Vision Maker Media’s Growing Native blog By Ann Seacrest Years ago I was honored to visit with some of the elders on the Yavapai reservation in Arizona.  I listened to their stories of being taken from their homes as young children, being criticized by their own children who are regaining a sense […]

keep elders healthy

Using Skype to keep elders healthy and children connected to culture

By Dean Davis (Editor’s note: This blog is shared courtesy of Vision Maker Media’s Growing Native blog.) As a Technology Coordinator at the Community Technology Center at College of Menominee Nation, I have witnessed many great changes that have taken place within the surrounding community and its members. Many people from the surrounding communities have learned […]

Video series: Cooking Healthy in Indian Country with Meagan Baldy

Wellbound Storytellers blog is honored to introduce you to Meagen Baldy, a Hupa tribal member living on the Hoopa Indian Reservation in Northern California. Cooking Healthy in Indian Country was developed by the Klamath Trinity Resource Conservation District as a way to encourage people to eat local in season vegetables and integrate Native and commodity […]

A return to pre-reservation diet may be key to healing for Apache

Photos and story courtesy of Seth Pilsk Department of Forest Resources San Carlos Apache Tribe Twenty years ago, while teaching employees of the San Carlos Apache Tribe’s Department of Forest Resources staff about traditional Apache plants, the late elder Wallace Johnson said, “If we eat our traditional Apache food and exercised, there would be none of […]

benefits of sunlight

Our Lady, the sun: Contemplating the benefits of sunlight

By Maura Garcia / WBS Blogger KANSAS CITY, Kan. – Amongst the problems of the world, vitamin D deficiency seems a small one.  However, just as we are sick of mind and spirit when disconnected from dirt, we find ourselves lacking when the sun does not touch our skins.  Moderation of course (and common sense), […]

Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox brings new opportunities to teach, pray and renew

Photo and Story by Debra Valentino / WBS Blogger Chicago – Wahste’tsisli (Good Morning) Each day when I wake, I give thanks to the Creator for all things. So I am renewed and reminded during this Spring Equinox that the Creator gave us “A Way of Life.” We are reminded of our duties each season […]