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Running for hope: HIV diagnosis is not the end

By Rhonda LeValdo / WBS Blogger (Phoenix, AZ) – As he reached the last mile of his marathon journey AIDS survivor and advocate Isadore Boni felt inspired by the cheers of the crowd. Knowing his goal was getting closer with every step, he knew the message he put on his shirt was educating people. “I […]

You can be mindful of mindfulness, regardless of your religion

By Kevin R. Kemper / WBS Blogger During law school at the University of Missouri-Columbia, students were introduced to what I thought was a radical concept – mindfulness! We were encouraged to calm down, meditate, and focus. Even noted mindfulness expert Jon Kabat-Zinn spoke with us. Now, there is a campus-wide initiative to practice mindfulnesss. […]


Keeping traditions alive can promote a healthy lifestyle

  By Chantelle Yazzie / Wellbound Storytellers blogger Henry Joe, a local of Thoreau, New Mexico, has been a great influence on Native youth and in his community. Henry is a hard working college student and an active participant in the Navajo traditions. His new role within the community is not an easy road. There […]


All work and no play separates us from culture and traditions

By Barbara K. Robins / WBS Blogger Omaha, NE – Quite a few weeks ago, I wrote about making a traditional Lakota doll out of tanned deerskin as part of a life skills workshop. Our instructor Steve Tamayo teaches a wide range of traditional Lakota skills and generously shares some of those skills and insights […]

October Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Is your campus safe?

Courtesy of Lori Hasselman / Haskell Indian Nations University Native American students are more impacted by domestic violence than any other college students. The sta­tistics speak to the high numbers of Native American victims (3 out of 5 American Indian women have been assaulted in their lifetime) who are mothers, sisters, and aunts. Some students […]


American Indian activists converge on Bay Area to champion stay-active lifestyle

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — For the second decade, American Indian health activists from South Dakota, Washington and California will trek to the Bay Area in pursuit of healthy lifestyle changes at the annual PATHSTAR Alcatraz Swim Week (October 5-13). The eight day event is a culmination of PATHSTAR’s year-round program to educate about and encourage […]


Race Walk your way to a family weekend fitness routine

By Lenzy Krehbiel-Burton / WBS Blogger TULSA, Okla. — Thump thump thump thump thump thump. Hard poke to the arm. “Mommy, you’ve got to get up,” a little voice whispers. “You’ve gotta do miles so I can get pancakes!” The footsteps work around the bed, narrowly avoiding the dozing dog, then repeat the lecture at […]